Red Velvet’s Stylists Criticized Once Again For Making Joy Wear A “Dangerous” Dress

Netizens want the stylists to stop dressing her “dangerously”.

Red Velvet‘s Joy recently performed at KMWF where she was dressed in a tight white and lavender dress.


However, fans were none too happy after taking a closer look at her dress.


They pointed out that the dress was too tight on her as the middle clasps that were holding the dress around her body seemed to be spreading apart as the dress was fitted too tight.


Netizens criticized the stylists for dressing Joy in uncomfortable clothing once again. Their stylists were previously under fire for dressing her in a short dress during THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS.


Despite the fans concerns, Joy seemed to be satisfied with her outfit as she uploaded multiple photos on her Instagram.


Each photo highlighted her astounding beauty, perhaps helping to put the fans’ worries to rest.

Source: Instiz

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