Red Velvet’s Stylist Under Fire Once Again For Dressing Joy In A Dress That’s Way Too Short

She was clearly uncomfortable.

Red Velvet‘s Joy looked absolutely stunning at the recent red carpet for THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS.


Although she looked as gorgeous as ever in her black dress, fans noticed that she kept pulling her dress down.


The mini dress came just below her hips so she had to take extra care to prevent her dress from rolling up.


Reporters caught Joy flashing a timid smile as she walked up the stairs in her uncomfortable dress.


Thanks to her utmost care, she avoided any wardrobe malfunctions.


And she glided onto the stage with her signature charisma once again.


But she once again had to face an uncomfortable walk down the steps again.


Fans were enraged that the stylist would dress Joy in such uncomfortable clothes. They deemed it was too short. Their stylists have been criticized frequently in the past for their misjudgments on clothes for the Red Velvet members.


Despite the uncomfortable length, Joy never fails to mesmerize her fans with her ability to look amazing in any dress!

Source: TV Report

Red Velvet

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