Red Velvet’s Stylists Under Fire Once Again For “Dressing Members Like Ajummas”

“I don’t know much about fashion, but isn’t this too much?”

Korean ReVeluvs have been unimpressed with the latest outfits the Red Velvet members wore to the 2018 KBO Golden Glove Awards.


On December 10th, Red Velvet hit the stage to perform their new hit “Really Bad Boy” in a variety of bold and colorfully patterned outfits.


While fans did like Yeri and Irene‘s outfits…


Which reminded them of the fashion they wore in the “Really Bad Boy” music video…


As well as liking Wendy‘s bright and bold backless look…


They weren’t so sure what to make of the other girls’ wardrobes.


The colorfully printed pants reminded some of the pants worn by Korean ajummas and others thought it was a little too casual for the stage.

  • “Ugh! What is their coordi doing? Why are they dressed like ajummas who just got back from digging mussels at the shore? What even are those pants?”

  • “Their clothes look like ajumma market clothes ㅠㅠ”

  • “Joy’s dressed like she’s about to go farm rice at the fields.”

  • “Why does it look like they’re going to go planting after this?”


While plenty of fans don’t think the outfits are bad, they just don’t think they match the girls’ stellar visuals.

  • “I don’t even know where you would find clothes like this. It’s got to be hard to even find them.”

  • “The members are all shorter than Joy so they always put her in flats. But she’d look so good in heels!”

  • “I wish they’d stop it making Seulgi blonde. I think she’s stunning with her natural dark hair.” 

  • “Why did they put them in these outfits? They have really nice bodies but you can’t even tell because of these clothes!”


ReVeluvs have been calling out the stylists for their choices.

  • “These coordis take these pretty kids and dress them like this. Please change their coordi!”

  • “I don’t know much about fashion, but isn’t this too much? What they’re doing to these pretty kids… just, no.”


While they have received major love from fans on more than one occasion…

ReVeluvs Are Claiming That Red Velvet’s Stylists Have Finally Gotten Something Right


Red Velvet’s stylists haven’t always delivered what fans have hoped to see.

Stylists Under Fire Again For Making Red Velvet Wear “Too Revealing” Outfits


While ReVeluvs certainly don’t think these are the worst outfits ever, they are hoping to see all the members in even better outfits in the future.

Source: MyDaily

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