Red Velvet’s Wendy Gives The Funniest Savage Response To A Fan Who Said They’d Join SM

She’s so bold 😂

When a fan at Red Velvet‘s recent video call fansign told Wendy they’d join SM Entertainment if she was running it, Wendy had the funniest savage response.

If you’re like most fans of SM Entertainment artists, you’re probably not a fan of SM Entertainment’s management. Over the years, fans have complained that the company’s CEO (currently Lee Sung Soo, nephew of founder Lee Soo Man) just isn’t up to scratch when it comes to growing artists’ careers.

Lee Sung Soo | SM Entertainment

In fact, many feel their very own bias could do a better job at managing a company—including this Red Velvet fan who talked to Wendy at a recent video call fansign.

Red Velvet’s Wendy | SM Entertainment

During the fansign, the fan (who goes by the name @softjoygi on Twitter) decided to tell Wendy that she should become the CEO of her own company. With her caring nature and determined go-getter attitude, it’s safe to say she could definitely do a great job at managing artists if she put her mind to it.

| @softjoygi/Twitter

The ReVeluv went on to say that if Wendy did become a CEO, they’d be sure to join her company. However, it seems that the Red Velvet star mistook @softjoygi‘s proposition as saying she should become the CEO of SM Entertainment specifically. That led to give a hilariously unexpected response.

| @softjoygi/Twitter

No,” Wendy told the fan before fake coughing to imply she was revealing something she shouldn’t, adding, “Join other companies… that are better.”

| @softjoygi/Twitter

Judging by the @softjoygi‘s response—”ARE YOU ALLOWED TO SAY THAT“—they were understandably shocked at Wendy’s totally savage reply, and even Wendy herself seemed surprised by her comical honestly.

| @softjoygi/Twitter

Of course, most Red Velvet fans agree that SM Entertainment definitely isn’t doing the best job at promoting the group. Earlier in that very same video call, Wendy revealed that Red Velvet filmed a behind-the-scenes recording studio video for their recent mini-album Queendom, but went on to say she’s “not sure” why the company hasn’t uploaded it yet.

Even still, Wendy assured the fan that she’d tell SM Entertainment’s staff to get on with posting the video. While she may not be in the running to lead the company any time soon, she’s still bold enough to be a champion for fans who want better for Red Velvet.

Red Velvet

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