Red Velvet’s Wendy Proves How Much Of An Angel She Is By Setting Up Her Own Birthday Cafe Event For Fans

She put in 100% effort.

Birthday cafes are nothing new in the idol realm. Fans often rent out cafes, decorating the venue with their idols’ paraphernalia to celebrate their birthday. Occasionally, the idols would visit out of gratitude. Red Velvet‘s Wendy took things one step further by setting up her own birthday cafe to thank fans.

She alerted fans of the event through Dear. U Bubble. The cafe was located in Seongsu, the same district as the SM Entertainment office.


  • “I!!!! Have opened a birthday cafe for today and tomorrow!!”
  • “In Seongsu!!!! Just for Luvvies!!!”

Wendy made sure to decorate the place with polaroids that she had been taking during promotions. She also adorably printed her own cup sleeves, photo strips, and photocards.

Of course, drinks were on her! Wendy gave out 100 cups of americano at the cafe daily.

She also took in suggestions for what fans wanted her to do for them next. Fans could write it down and leave it at the cafe.

Her cup sleeves had the touching message, “thank you for coming to me.

Anyone could tell just how much effort Wendy put into the event. Even the polaroids were arranged in the shape of a heart.

She also took time out to personally serve fans.

She’s the epitome of a warm soul!

Netizens were amazed at the effort she put in for fans. It’s not easy for idols to go to such lengths!

| Nate Pann

  • “I’ve been a fan of idols since SS501 days and this is the first time I’m seeing a celebrity giving back to fans at such a level.”
  • “Insane… Even I’m crying.”
  • “She’s totally a barbie doll.”
  • “I’m not even a fan, but this is so touching… Wendy always makes people who look at her happy and gives them positive energy. I would be so happy if I had just one person like her around me.”

Wendy truly is an angel!

Source: Nate Pann

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