Red Velvet’s Wendy Is Making Jaws Drop With Her Ridiculously Toned Abs

Everyone wants her to drop her workout routine ASAP.

Recently, Red Velvet has been promoting their latest title track, “Birthday”, off of their The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday album. Now over eight years into their career, the members look just as beautiful and flawless as they always have as they put on unsurprisingly phenomenal performances!

While all of the members deserve to be praised and recognized for their talents and beauty, one member in particular has been standing out this comeback: Wendy.

Wendy (Red Velvet) | SBS

Not only are her stunning vocals as beautiful to listen to as always, but her visuals have rose to a whole new level for this comeback!

Wendy has been vocal about her struggles with weight loss and gain and the painful dieting and unhealthy habits that come with it all. Thankfully, these days she seems to be healthy and happy with her body, and she looks stronger than ever with incredibly toned abs!

She’s been styled in crop tops for many of Red Velvet’s recent stages, which have allowed her muscles to shine like they deserve. It’s clear to see how much hard work and effort Wendy has put into building up her physique, and it has really paid off!


Her impressive build has become a topic on an online forum post, titled “Are Wendy’s abs for real????”. Sharing the picture below, the original author asks if this is the first time a female idol has been seen with visible six-pack abs.

The post has been flooded with comments from other fans and netizens sharing their appreciation and astoundment for Wendy’s hard-earned muscles.

  • “But Wendy is seriously the real deal. Usually people with a lot of muscles have really little fat on them. You can see that this is the case for Wendy. She’s amazing”
  • “Wow what the? Those are clearly 6 packs…”
  • “Wow seriously the legendary self-management… It’s my first time seeing that on a female idol it’s impressive”
  • “Yup yup ever since Wendy debuted, she’s always had abs on her, but recently, she’s been working even harder”
  • “I’m glad that she has find a diet/workout that works for maintaining her weight after all the years struggling ❤️”
  • “Wow girl what kind of training are u doing?”
  • “Wendy is glowing this comeback, I’m glad she has been looking so healthy lately after everything that happened. And her vocals ate so bad this era too, I’m glad she’s getting a lot of appreciation”

She’s also been a topic of conversation on Twitter with fans sharing tons of appreciative tweets regarding her abs!

We love to see Wendy thriving and happy for this comeback, because it’s nothing less than what she deserves!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa

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