Red Velvet’s Wendy Has A Massive House Back In Canada, According To Joy 

Apparently Wendy has an enormous sized mansion in Canada!

Fans have always suspected Red Velvet’s Wendy to have come from an affluent background…


It seems like Joy just added more evidence towards that suspicion. 


In an appearance on Choi Hwang Jung’s Power Time, the members briefly talked about Seulgi and Wendy’s Battle Trip special in Austria, where they confessed how they wanted to take a break and play with the members for awhile. 


The conversation led to Joy expressing her wish to come and live in Wendy’s house in Canada. With Wendy offering free boarding and food… 

This house has no relation to Red Velvet’s Wendy.


Until Joy made a joke as to how big Wendy’s house in Canada really was!

“I heard Wendy’s house has over 50 rooms.”

— Joy 


Surprised at the statement, Wendy clarified Joy’s exaggerated claim by stating she doesn’t even know how many rooms she has in her family’s latest house.

“I don’t know how many rooms there are in my house. They keep moving around. I don’t even know if I still have my own room…”

— Wendy 


Wendy exposed? We’ll find out when Joy gets to visit Canada!


Source: SportsChosun

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