Red Velvet’s Wendy Reveals The Many Ways Her Members Supported Her Solo Debut Behind The Scenes

“They were very encouraging.”

Red Velvet isn’t just made up of members from the same group but also close friends in real life, so it isn’t surprising that they showered Wendy with support for her solo debut album, Like Water!

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Soon after the release of Like Water, Japanese magazine SPUR Magazine shared their interview with Wendy. Aside from asking if she felt pressured because of the album, they also asked how her fellow members showed their support.

As the first member to have a solo debut within the group, how did your members support you?

— SPUR Magazine

Wendy listed not just one or two actions that they did for her but at least five! Yeri, Seulgi, Joy, and Irene sent her many text messages, gave her honest feedback, and even bought fried chicken for the staff members present during the filming of the music video.

They frequently sent me text messages and gave me feedback after listening to the songs. They sent a mountain of fried chicken to the music video filming site that was enough for all of the staff members to share.

— Wendy

She joked that they went home after recording her acting scenes and leaving a few comments. Overall, she was extremely touched by how encouraging they were.

They also recorded me when I was acting, left comments, then went home (laughs). They were very encouraging, and I was very happy, but I received them coolly at the site.

— Wendy

After everything they did for her, she wants to let them know how thankful she is.

It’s already really embarrassing to monitor myself, but because the members were looking at me along being filmed, I couldn’t help it. In truth, I wanted to tell the four of them, ‘I’m really thankful!

— Wendy

Red Velvet’s love and support for each other is beyond words!

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Support Wendy’s solo debut by watching the music video of “Like Water” below.

Source: SPUR Magazine

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