Red Velvet’s Wendy Reveals What Motivated Her To Be Happy During Her Long Hiatus

It gave her strength ❤️

Red Velvet‘s Wendy made her long-awaited solo debut with the album Like Water on April 5.

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Soon after it was unveiled to eager fans, Japanese magazine SPUR Magazine released an interview with the Korean star. They asked if she felt pressured because of the close similarities between the album and her personal life.

You conveyed your feelings in the title songs, and member Seulgi participated in ‘Best Friend.’ With each of the songs recorded, it seems as if it is a compilation of short stories where Wendy is the main character. I think there would be pressure just because the album is linked to your own way of life.

— SPUR Magazine

| SM Entertainment

In response, Wendy opened up about her temporary hiatus, revealing how it impacted her perspective.

It has been around one and a half years since I last sang on stage. I’ve always received a lot of love and support from fans through SNS, but it was still tough to wait, especially when the deadline was not fixed.

— Wendy

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She gained strength from that experience and from the thought of meeting her fans again. “I was able to prepare enjoyably because I knew how difficult it was, and I thought about how we will meet again soon.

At the end of the day, her greatest desire was to once again stand on stage to sing.

If I were to say what’s in my heart without any reservations, the me right now doesn’t want to think about anything else except for wanting to stand on stage.

— Wendy

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With that goal in mind, she was able to work with a positive outlook despite the hurdles she experienced along the way. “That is why I have been happy while working.

Don’t forget to support Wendy by watching the music video of “Like Water” below!

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