Red Velvet’s Wendy Reveals How Seeing A Psychologist Helped Her Through Dark Times

Her strength is inspiring others to look after their mental health as well.

As one of the MCs for Mysterious Record Shop, Red Velvet‘s Wendy didn’t shy away from the topic of psychological help.

She opened up about seeing a psychologist and realizing the severity of the difficulties she’d been experiencing.

After fellow MC Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun passed the mic to Wendy, she shared a way of thinking that many people share.

She opened up about not wanting to burden others when she’s struggling. Sadly, it reached the point where she didn’t even know how much she was struggling.

When we’re promoting, we don’t have a break. I don’t think I should express my difficulties. I didn’t know myself because I was hiding all these things.

— Wendy

Instead, Wendy was worried about others and if she deserved to focus on herself. She said, “I started to wonder if I’m in a difficult situation. I wondered if it was okay for me to have a hard time right now.

Wendy eventually gained the strength to face her problems head-on and receive the help she needed to maintain her mental health. She said, “I had a counseling session because I was biting my tail and biting my tail.

It struck a chord with one of the guests, who said, “Idols have experienced that a lot.” As Kyuhyun and Wendy nodded, the guests summed up how difficult it was for Korean celebrities to focus on taking care of their mental health—especially since idols are often young.

  • They think that, ‘I’m not tired yet.’ They say that, ‘I can’t be tired.’ They keep trying to burn themselves out.
  • One of the problems is that they are too young to live as Wendy or me because they are usually trainees [or newly debuted].

After hearing Wendy share such personal details on a serious topic, many were inspired by her strength. See her open up about mental health and reaching out for the help she didn’t know she needed.

Red Velvet

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