Red Velvet Wendy’s Newest Project Receives Mixed Response — Prominent Fan Releases Statement In Protest

“We’re here to say something you wouldn’t welcome…”

News of Red Velvet Wendy‘s casting in the musical Rebecca received a mixed response.

Wendy | SM Entertainment

On June 19, it was revealed that beloved Red Velvet member Wendy would be joining the cast of the upcoming musical Rebecca for the musical’s 10th anniversary.

Wendy’s musical debut. She has been cast as “I” for the 10th anniversary of Rebecca.

— @RVsmtown/Twitter

Wendy will be playing the role of “I,” the narrator of the musical, which tells the story of a widower and his new wife and the mystery behind the death of his first wife, Rebecca.

Musical Rebecca | Musical Vienna

Many fans welcomed the news with “Wendy Rebecca” trending in South Korea.

Wendy’s musical debut! I’m sending all my support. I’ll make sure to watch it, hwaiting!

— @red_velvet_gall/Twitter

Unfortunately, not all were fans of the news. One prominent fan of Wendy declared that they would not be supporting the idol. In a now-deleted tweet, the fan listed several concerns they had regarding Wendy’s musical endeavors.

Still, there were many more netizens who absolutely loved the idea and stated that they felt Wendy was a perfect casting for the musical.

  • “Wendy’s going to be great.”
  • “Woah, this is a match made in heaven! Hwaiting!”
  • “Oh, she fits the role really well.”
  • “She’s going to be great.”
  • “I think she will do great because she has the skills.”
  • “She’ll do well.”
  • “Oh, something tells me she’ll be a great match.”
  • “Wendy!!! I want to go watch her.”
  • “I think she’s a great match for the role, LOL. Do well! I’ll go watch you.”
  • “She’s perfect for the role!!!”
  • “I want to see her!”

What are your thoughts?

Source: theqoo
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