Red Velvet’s Wendy Spotted Lending Her Incredible Voice To Sing At Her Friend’s Wedding

What a great friend she is

ReVeluv’s we have got a little glimpse of Wendy! She was captured singing a congratulatory song at a friend’s wedding and we’re all so excited to see her.

| Naver

Red Velvet‘s Wendy was recently captured singing a beautiful rendition of Brown Eyed Soul‘s “Day and Night” at a friend’s wedding and she looked absolutely beautiful.

In the uploaded tweet, the user said:

I went to a friend’s wedding and the congratulatory song was sang by Wendy. Seungwan (Wendy’s real name) you’re so pretty! And you’re so good at singing.

— @Pinetree0506

She was wearing a simple white blouse and black pants to celebrate her friend while she blew away fellow guests with her incredible vocals.

| @Pinetree0506/Twitter

| @Pinetree0506/Twitter

We love seeing her big smile.It’s nice to see Wendy healthy and back in action!


Source: Twitter

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