Fans Spot Wendy’s Tiny Tattoos In Red Velvet’s “Psycho” MV

Are they real or not? ReVeluvs want to know!

Thanks to Wendy, ReVeluvs around the world are all asking: are they real or not?


On December 23, Red Velvet released their highly anticipated “Psycho” MV that brings back the trademark beautiful-but-dangerous vibe seen in several of their previous music videos, like “Peek- A-Boo”. For “Psycho”, each of these gorgeous femme fatales have a distinct, new look, but Wendy’s is gaining special attention.


Eagled-eyes fans spotted tattoos that are small, delicate, and easily missed. This inked cross on Wendy’s chest could easily be mistaken for a necklace…


…and this finger tatt is nearly impossible to see in the video.


Meanwhile, the cursive writing on Wendy’s collarbone and left arm have fans squinting at their screens, trying to figure out what it says, what it means, and most importantly…


…if it’s here to stay!


Check out the video here:

Red Velvet