Red Velvet Wendy’s Video Airs During KBS’s “Gayo Daechukje” And Fans Are In Tears

Wendy had left a message for her fans and for herself.

KBS‘s Gayo Daechukje aired Red Velvet Wendy‘s video that she had recorded for the upcoming new year.


In the pre-recorded video, Wendy is silly as ever as she gets awkward talking to a mirror. She began, “Uh… I have to talk while looking at myself?


She then went onto explain that the best moment in her life was when she became a member of Red Velvet.

I think the best moment was when I became Red Velvet’s Wendy.”

— Wendy


She also commented on her hopes for the future and the upcoming new year. She said, “I hope the new year will be happy and pleasant.


During the closing segment, the camera zoomed in on her note that read, “Our year ♡“. In the background she can be heard saying, “I hope we can have that kind of year.


Fans are in tears as this video was taken just a couple of moments before she suffered a tragic accident where she fell from the stage and fractured her right wrist, hip, and cheek.

Wendy is currently at the hospital receiving treatment for her injuries and will ultimately be unable to perform with her members for the remainder of their year-end promotions.


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