Red Velvet’s Yeri Reveals Which Actors She Wants To Meet

They’re some incredible actors, and no wonder Yeri’s a big fan!

Red Velvet‘s Yeri is making a name as an actress currently, and she revealed the actors that she’d love to meet someday!

Yeri | @yerimiese/Instagram

Yeri and PENTAGON‘s Hongseok are currently filming the drama Blue Birthday together, and appeared on Wendy‘s radio show Youngstreet to promote it!

As they talked about their drama, and subsequently, their career as actors, Wendy asked yeri about her favorite actors, ones who she’d want to meet one day!

The actor you want to meet the most?


Yeri’s first answer was actor Jo In Sung, someone who she’s mentioned being a fan of multiple times!

Jo In Sung

She then revealed that while Jo In Sung is still top of her list, there’s another actor she’d love to meet once—Kim Tae Ri!

Kim Tae Ri | @kimtaeri_1/Insatgram

I’ve been a longtime fan of Jo In Sung, but there’s also another person. When it comes to male actors, it would be Jo In Sung, and for female actors, I would say Kim Tae Ri.

I’m her fan, so I want to meet her.


Hopefully, Yeri will get to meet both one day!

You can watch her talk about it here!

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