Red Velvet’s Yeri Proves She Is AKMU Suhyun’s Biggest Fan In An Episode Of “Yeri’s Room”

She got up in the middle of the recording

Who doesn’t love a cute friendship between two stars? Red Velvet‘s Yeri and AKMU‘s Suhyun are known to be close friends and they showcased it through an episode of Yeri’s show, Yeri’s Room.

Yeri started off the interview by asking Suhyun some simple questions. One of the questions Yeri asked was “when did you realize you were good at singing” to which Suhyun responded with an answer that shocked Yeri.

I realized I was good at singing only recently.

— AKMU’s Suhyun

To which Yeri responded in the most appropriate manner:

What do you mean it’s only been recent?!

— Red Velvet’s Yeri

Suhyun explained herself to Yeri by saying:

I think you have to sing like you’re talking to be good at singing. I started thinking in that way when I realized I want the people listening to my songs to hear it as if I’m speaking to them.

— AKMU’s Suhyun

It was not too long after that question that Suhyun had an opportunity to showcase what she meant by that. She had a chance to sing a song for the viewers and Yeri, who has probably heard her friend sing dozens of times before, had the cutest reaction.

You’d think that Yeri would get used to Suhyun’s voice since they’re known to be close friends! However, it seems that Yeri was still shocked by Suhyun’s insanely beautiful and crisp voice while she sang Tangled‘s “I See The Light”. With nothing more than just the instrumental, Suhyun got to show Yeri what she meant by her earlier response about singing as if you’re talking.

Yeri didn’t seem to notice as she got distracted by Suhyun’s vocals. She really proved herself as a true fan and friend by getting up in the middle of the show’s recording to record her friend sing. We stan everything about this!

The Red Velvet member did not hold back her praises for her close friend as she can be seen applauding and jumping in excitement. We love women supporting women and Yeri did just that! Watch the entire interview down below.

Source: YouTube, Naver and YGOSU

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