Red Velvet’s Yeri Has A New Passion For Acting And Reveals What Acting Project She Wants To Try Next

She’s too talented

Red Velvet‘s charming maknae Yeri recently took part in an interesting interview with Arena Homme Plus! As we have seen, Yeri is full of many talents so it’s no surprise that she discussed in her interview her passion for acting and desire to do more in the future!

Along with her interview was her stunning pictorials that had a concept of Greek Mythology’s Psyche, the wife of Eros (Cupid), the god of love.

Before she dived into her acting career, Yeri shared some insight on her hobbies and biggest passions!

I like taking pictures and I like being photographed, so I had a lot of fun with this photo shoot. The artistic cuts satisfied my inner longing. I’ve always tried to listen to myself. I want to see myself properly. I think that happiness comes from being able to understand yourself, to believe and have faith in yourself.

— Yeri

Yeri certainly is an optimistic individual and clearly has a great mindset! This inner confidence also seems to lead her into wanting to dive more into her acting career.

For those unaware, Yeri recently participated in tvN’s Drama Stage special the upcoming short-form drama Mint Condition. This was her first time trying out acting and fans are excited to see the bright idol on the screen! Yeri even revealed some of the details behind her character.

I play a quirky nurse. Even though we filmed during the cold wave, I had fun and worked hard. In the future, I want to keep acting. I think it’s fun to show a totally different side of myself. If I’m offered a role, I’ll work hard at whatever it is! I want to try a fantasy project like the concept of this pictorial.

— Yeri



We are all anticipating seeing actress Yeri and hope to see a lot more acting projects in the future!

Source: Newsen

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