Red Velvet’s Yeri Shows Off Her Matured Visuals And Toned Physique For “Vogue Korea”

She is absolutely stunning!

Red Velvet‘s maknae (youngest member) Yeri has done it again. Yeri is featured in the most recent edition of Vogue Korea and her newly matured visuals are absolutely captivating. The girl group member showed off her toned physique as she posed for the magazine decked out in Lululemon athletic wear.

Red Velvet member Yeri | Vogue Korea

Yeri, who looks absolutely radiant in these photos for Vogue Korea, talks about her workout routine and her newfound love for pilates with the magazine.

I usually do pilates the day after [a schedule]. Even before my filming schedule, I always workout before. Now it’s become a habit. When my mind and body are awake, I’m put in a good mood and I feel my energy reviving itself.

— Yeri

The Red Velvet member touched more on pilates and how the exercise not only became a part of her lifestyle, but also the turning point in her life.

I think I began pilates in my early 20’s and I believe that became a turning point in my life. When I first started pilates, my teacher first looked at me and told me that I had no energy. She said that I looked depressed. During that period, I was exhausted.

I thought that exercise was something that had to be difficult, something that had to make me sweat. After doing it [pilates] everyday, I never once thought that it was ‘hard’ but rather ‘refreshing.’ Ever since, I began doing it more frequently.

— Yeri

Yeri also touched on her favorite Lululemon piece that she personally wears for her workouts and how she used to acquire them.

Of course I love all their pieces, but I especially love their leggings. If you look in my closet, there are so many leggings in there. It’s probably my most worn workout bottoms. I used to bulk buy them whenever I would go overseas.

— Yeri

With her newfound love for pilates, Yeri also talked about her diet as she flaunted her slim, yet toned physique for Vogue Korea.

I’ve been having a lot of fun making salads these days. I’ve been eating arugula, avocado, tomato, coconut oil and mozzarella cheese.

— Yeri

The gorgeous Red Velvet member concluded her interview by talking about self-love and her own personal journey with it.

It was a long journey for me. I started off by loving myself and after that, I was able to develop a healthy lifestyle. Everyone goes through difficult times, but I feel like people my age especially struggle to love themselves nor do they find a way to love themselves. Don’t neglect yourself. Give yourself attention.

— Yeri

In related news, Yeri has been busy filming for her upcoming web drama, Blue Birthday alongside PENTAGON‘s Hongseok. The web series held their first script reading in early April and has plans to premiere sometime this summer.

Source: Vogue Korea

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