Red Velvet’s Yeri Shyly Reveals The Actor She Wants To Meet Through Her Show “Yeri’s Room”

Reveluvs widely know him as her most favored bias!

Red Velvet‘s Yeri shyly revealed who she wanted to meet through her show, Yeri’s Room!

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On the latest episode of Yeri’s Room, Yeri invited actress Lee Yeol Eum as a guest on the show, where they ate together and talked about various things!

One of the topics that came up was the different things that fans get to see Yeri do through the show! Yeri asked Yeol Eum if there was something she would like to see through Yeri’s Room.

Is there something that you want to see Yeri do on Yerihan Bang [Yeri’s Room]? What do you think will be fun?


Yeol Eum responded by saying that she would like to see Yeri challenge herself with things she usually cannot do!

I think you should challenge things you can’t do! Like trying to eat dakbal [Korean chicken feet]!

—Yeol Eum

After strongly rejecting this idea, Yeri slyly offered an idea that she had been thinking about lately.

We could try meeting people who we wanted to meet.


To this, Yeol Eum said,

Like who? Our senior, Jo In Sung?

—Yeol Eum


Reveluvs know that Jo In Sung is Yeri’s favorite actor, and as expected, Yeri immediately began giggling gleefully at this suggestion!

Yeol Eum then began complimenting Jo In Sung as she worked with him for the film The King, and described him as the “greatest senior I have ever seen”!

He was the greatest senior I have ever seen! Because, of course, he looks so nice! But he’s also really~ kind, and his personality [is the best]!

There’s an actual saying that Jo In Sung is really kind. He’s just so wonderful!

—Yeol Eum



And while Yeol Eum was praising the actor, even the producer noted how pleased Yeri looked at this description of her bias!


She’s listening as if she’s the one getting complimented!


You can watch them talk about this from 5:28 onwards!

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