Red Velvet Yeri’s Unique Outfit Garners A Hot Response From Her Korean Fans

They can’t get over how interesting it is!

Red Velvet‘s maknae (youngest member) Yeri uploaded some new photos onto her Instagram page and they are making headlines.

Red Velvet’s Yeri | @yerimiese/Instagram

The Red Velvet member recently uploaded a series of photos to show off her new Olympia bag from Burberry. Clothed in an all-black ensemble, Yeri showed off her immaculate modeling abilities and her adorable smile. What caught the attention of her followers, however, was not the bag or her cute visuals, but rather her outfit.

Dressed to impress, the girl group member posed beautifully for the camera and while everything was looking good thus far….

| @yerimiese/Instagram

…a picture of her backside was included in the series of photos and caught all of her followers by surprise! If you look closely at the picture, there is a moon-shaped cutout on the backside of her black skirt.

| @yerimiese/Instagram

While the cut isn’t revealing in anyway due to its low placement on the skirt, the unique design shocked all of Yeri’s fans.

| @yerimiese/Instagram

Naturally, these photos became a hot topic amongst her fans, as well as netizens. They chimed in with their thoughts, sharing their reactions to Yeri’s unique outfit.

| theqoo
  • “She’s wearing such an interesting outfit.”
  • “Whoa, the back of her skirt is ripped! Is probably something she’ll hear 100 times from older ladies…”
  • “What kind of clothing is that…I was shocked.”
  • “What is the meaning of the hole in the back haha she likes unique clothes.”
  • “What the heck is up with the design of her skirt hahaha it looks so fascinating.”
  • “The design of her skirt is baffling. I kind of feel like I witnessed someone taking their pants off in the bathroom.”

Oh Yeri! While she looks stunning in whatever she wears, it seems like she may have startled her Korean fans with this outfit.

| @yerimiese/Instagram

In related news, Yeri has been busy filming for her upcoming web drama titled, Blue Birthday that will premiere sometime this summer.

Source: WikiTree

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