Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy” Is Officially Eligible For RIAA Gold Status In The U.S.

Congratulations on reaching this milestone, Red Velvet!

ReVeluvs rejoice! Red Velvet‘s “Bad Boy” is officially eligible for RIAA Gold! To qualify for RIAA Gold certification a song or album must have sold 500,000 units. A unit is defined as one (1) permanent digital download or 150 on-demand streams.

This has been a great year for Red Velvet, with Capitol Music Group expressing interest in working with them, they’re one of the top 10 girl groups with the most music show wings, and they’re one of the top five groups ranked by their brand reputation for September 2019… Along with so much more and the year isn’t over yet!

ReVeluv and K-Pop fans alike have their fingers crossed SM Entertainment follows through and requests certification for the song!

Congratulations, Red Velvet, on hitting this incredible milestone!

Red Velvet