Red Velvet’s Irene Was The K-Pop Artist With The Most New Follows On Instagram In October

Talk about growth!

When Irene first opened her new Instagram account in September, she experienced a major hiccup when the photo-sharing social network flagged her account as she received an influx of followers the minute fans were aware of her presence on the app!

Fans were, understandably, annoyed and upset. Thankfully, within a day Instagram corrected their faux pas and Irene’s account was back up and running after having been blocked.

Gif of Irene skipping from her Instagram account @renebaebae

The social networking site is probably beyond stoked they saw the error of their ways because Irene was the K-Pop artist who recorded the highest amount of new followers for the month of October!

Talk about star power and rapid growth! We wonder who will top the list next month!

Red Velvet