Red Velvet’s Irene and Yeri Share The Sweetest Moment At the Group’s 4th Concert “R to V”

The two members’ bond will always be special.

Red Velvet held their fourth-ever concert in Seoul, R to V, earlier today. The night was full of fun and excitement for the fans, as the five members had diligently prepared a lot of unique performances. However, the night was also full of emotional moments that brought some members to tears.

One of the sweetest moments of the night came exactly because of that when the group’s maknae Yeri burst into tears during her speech.

After performing several fan-favorite songs such as “Peek-A-Boo,” “Bad Boy,” and “Psycho,” the girls came back on stage in their encore outfits. This immediately let fans know that it was time for the “designated section where the girl say how much they miss [ReVeluvs].

And so it did, one by one the Red Velvet members took their time to express their gratitude to fans and say how much they missed them, as this was their first solo concert in three years since La Rouge. Though they all started tearing up, the members seemed to hold the tears back during the emotional moments.

However, the group’s youngest member, Yeri, was unable to do so, as she teared up soon after she started talking to the 15,000 fans in the venue.

The Red Velvet star was crying so much and got so emotional, she even had to kneel down on the stage to try and stop the tears, all while covering her face with a plushie given by fans. It was at this moment that the group’s leader Irene decided to step in and help her out, creating a tear-jerking memory that ReVeluvs will never forget.

As Irene kneeled down next to Yeri and started carefully wiping her tears, making sure to not ruin her member’s makeup, the KSPO Dome that was filled to the brim erupted in “awws” and cries. Seeing the leader of the group show so much care for the maknae definitely made everyone super emotional, not leaving a single dry eye in the arena.

Irene also smiled sweetly at Yeri, as if to reassure her young groupmate. The action sent ReVeluvs into disarray, not only those attending the concert but also the rest of their fans all over social media. This sweet moment that showed just how much love there is between the Red Velvet members made everyone into an emotional mess.

Irene’s massive love for Yeri isn’t anything new to fans, as ever since Yeri’s debut with the group in 2015, the leader has never missed a chance to take care of the youngest. Yeri, who debuted at just 16 years old, has also said how grateful she felt to Irene for all the times she’s cared for her not only after her debut but even during her trainee days. At one particular moment, Irene revealed that before their debut she used to iron Yeri’s school uniform and prepare her lunch to take with her to school.

Another funny moment that also showed how much the group’s leader cares for her youngest happened when Red Velvet’s Irene, Seulgi, and Wendy were playfully “fighting” each other over which member participated the most in “raising” Yeri.

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