Red Velvet’s New Song At Their Concert Has Fans Buzzing With Questions

Its a brand new song!

Red Velvet‘s recent concert has Reveluvs abuzz with so many questions!

Red Velvet recently held their 3rd solo concert La Rouge in Seoul on November 23 and 24. With a great setlist, gorgeous outfits and killer stage presence, they had the crowd in the palm of their hands!

But there was one performance that particularly had fans gasping for more—an all new track made specially for La Rouge, titled “Shining”! The song showed Red Velvet at their sultriest yet, and comprised of their heavenly vocals in the richest of harmonies.

Seulgi revealed that the song was made specifically for the concert, but fans are speculating that it could either be the next title track of their final comeback in The ReVe Festival series, or an amazing B-side track to the above mentioned comeback album! Yeri also revealed that the next album would be very similar to their previously released 2018 album The Perfect Red Velvet (with title track “Bad Boy”), and fans are so hyped!

Red Velvet recently wrapped up their 3rd solo concert, La Rouge, and are gearing up for the third and final comeback, The ReVe Festival: Finale.


Watch a fancam of their unreleased song “Shining” here!

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