Red Velvet’s Seulgi And Amber Liu Openly Express Their Long-Lasting Friendship On Social Media

Amber and Seulgi are sister goals.

Amber Liu and Seulgi have been friends for over a decade!

While they may have debuted years apart, Amber and Seulgi started training around the same time.

On Just Kidding News, Amber revealed that while she was promoting with f(x), she would continuously visit Seulgi who was still a trainee.

Amber stated that for years, she would always be telling Seulgi that she couldn’t wait to see her debut.

And when Seulgi finally made her debut with Red Velvet, Amber was there to cheer her on.

Over the past few years, Seulgi and Amber have continued to showcase their friendship.

Although Amber has announced her departure from SM Entertainment, she has still maintained friendships with her previous labelmates.

And on Instagram, it was clear that Amber and Seulgi are still maintaining their longstanding friendship.

Seulgi recently opened up her Instagram account. Although she experienced some initial troubles, she managed to get it up and running again.

Recently, she posted a chic photo of herself enjoying the sunny weather.

Amber left an adorable comment on the photo, posting a sweet nickname for Seulgi as “Kang Teddy Bear”!

Additionally, Amber started following Seulgi on Instagram.

And it looks like Seulgi fully reciprocated, as she began following Amber as well.

Although they are no longer labelmates, Amber is currently one of eight accounts that Seulgi is following.

Even though the two may not see each other as often as they have before, they still want to keep up with each other’s lives.

Furthermore, Amber continued to showcase her love for her juniors, by jamming to “Umpah Umpah” on Instagram stories.

She even encouraged everyone to “Stan Red Velvet”! No matter what, Amber always looks out for her friends.

With a friendship that has lasted over a decade, it is heartwarming to see Seulgi and Amber maintain their close relationship.