Red Velvet’s Seulgi Made An Instagram Account But A Few Hours Later She Accidentally Got It Deleted

That is such a Seulgi thing to do

Red Velvet has just made a comeback with their latest single “Zimzalabim” but that isn’t the only thing that Reveluvs have been excited about today.

The group’s main dancer and lead singer Seulgi has opened her solo Instagram account only a few hours after “Zimzalabim” was released!

Fans were extremely excited about this and couldn’t wait to see more content from Seulgi!

She made her first post where she showed some behind the scenes of filming the music video for “Zimzalabim”.

Fellow member Joy was just as delighted to see her fellow member making a solo account and welcomed her to Instagram.

She commented on Seulgi’s Instagram photo and used a lot of emojis to convey her excitement.

Oh 🙌🙌 Hi Seulgi 🙌🙌 Finally😍😍

But while Reveluvs were looking forward to more of Seulgi’s pictures, for some reason the account was soon gone.

Many Reveluvs were extremely confused by this, given that Seulgi’s Instagram account was no where to be found. When they followed the original link, it simply said that the page was no longer available.

However, Seulgi went on the LYSN app on Red Velvet’s fancafe to explain to Reveluvs what had happened.

She stated that she was trying to delete the photos that she had posted, when suddenly she got an error and couldn’t log in.

Despite trying to get back her Instagram account, she couldn’t log back on!

She assumed that Instagram thought she was a bot because she gained so many followers in such a short period of time.

Eventually, since it was 1AM, Seulgi told Reveluvs to go to sleep, as it might take a while for her to get back her Instagram account.

Reveluvs are having a blast commemorating Seulgi’s short-lived Instagram account. This is definitely something that fans would have expected Seulgi to do!

Reveluvs are even accusing Yeri and Irene of deleting Seulgi’s Instagram account behind her back!

Unfortunately for Seulgi, the internet never forgets, so Seulgi will probably have to live with constant jokes about her Instagram account for a long time.

But this is just one of the many things that makes Seulgi so endearing and charming to Reveluvs!

Hopefully, Seulgi will be able to get her Instagram account back soon!

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