Red Velvet’s Seulgi Declines Fans’ Request To Dance To “Hype Boy” At Recent Fan Event

Who knew the issue trickled down to this level?

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is currently gaining attention of netizens for carefully avoiding fans’ request to dance to NewJeans‘ “Hype Boy” at a recent event.

| @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

On February 18, Seulgi held a special fan meet event to celebrate her birthday, with 600 fans attending. During the event, she interacted with the audience freely, shared some never-seen-before home videos from her childhood, and gave several performances, including covers, including aespa‘s “Illusion,” EXO‘s “Love Shot,” and Paul Kim‘s “Every day, Every Moment.”

But when fans requested her to dance to “Hype Boy” by NewJeans, she only did the initial steps and then refused to do the rest. In the video uploaded by a fan on Twitter, the Red Velvet member can be heard saying she doesn’t want to “cause trouble.” 

She evidently referred to the ongoing tensions between HYBE and SM Entertainment over the former company’s acquisition of the latter. Seulgi otherwise never had a problem covering any group’s song for the matter since she was comfortable enough to talk about or even dance to other NewJeans songs before, like “Cookie,” before the tussle between the two labels started.

While some feel that declining to dance to the song brought more attention to the issue, others think that her diplomacy in the situation was the best course of action.

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