Red Velvet’s Wendy Chosen As The “No. 1 Sexy Brain Idol” By TMI News

She’s the ultimate beauty with brains!

Red Velvet‘s Wendy, according to Mnet‘s TMI News, is the ultimate sexy-brain idol in K-Pop!

TMI News had been teasing their top picks for the list of top 7 sexy brain idols for a while, and on October 30, finally revealed the top spot to be taken by none other than Red Velvet’s Wendy!


They highlighted all of her incredible pre-debut achievements, spanning from her impressive academic record…

…to her involvement in both sports and arts, and declared her to be the ultimate all-rounder sexiest brain K-Pop idol!

In the end, TMI News closes by saying that they’re happy and thankful that she didn’t pursue a different route and chose to debut as an idol, especially as Red Velvet’s Wendy.

Wendy recently also took home the award for the “Asia-Pacific Gold Song of the Year” category at the Annual Fresh Asia Music Awards 2019, beating out other top soloists also nominated for the category.

Congratulations on another great achievement, Wendy!

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