Red Velvet’s Wendy Has Finally Been Discharged From Hospital 2 Months After Serious Injuries

Wendy was in hospital care for severe pelvis and wrist fractures.

Over 2 months after Red Velvet’s Wendy suffered serious fall injuries, the media has confirmed she’s finally been discharged from hospital.

On December 25, Wendy fell from a platform over 2 meters high during rehearsals for a solo stage at the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon. Wendy’s pelvis and wrist were severely fractured during the fall, and she also suffered facial injuries that prevented her from chewing food.

Fans prepared a subway ad to wish her well on her recovery.

In the last update from the media at the end of January, it was reported that Wendy was still hospitalized due to the severity of her injuries. Then, on her birthday, Wendy shared her first heartwarming social media message since the incident, assuring fans that she’s “recovering very well, thanks to all of our ReVeluv”.

Now, it’s finally been confirmed that Wendy has been discharged from hospital and is receiving outpatient treatment for her injuries. Outpatient recovery for a pelvis fracture generally involves use of a walking aid until the bones are healed and physical therapy exercises to help strengthen the injury site.

The good news comes along with confirmation that Wendy has donated ₩100 million KRW ($82,500) to the Community Chest of Korea to provide aid to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) patients, those at risk of contracting the virus, and medical staff working to keep people healthy.

Unsurprisingly, ReVeluvs are over the moon to learn that Wendy’s recovery is going so well.

While it will likely be some time until she can return to Red Velvet’s full range of activities, everyone is happy to see that she’s making progress and feeling much better.

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