Red Velvet Wendy’s Hair Stylist Reveals How To Achieve Wendy’s New Hairstyle

Everyone is in love with it.

Red Velvet‘s Wendy recently cut her hair to a little above shoulder length and it has been making her beauty illuminate more brightly than ever.


It’s not only fans who have fallen in love. BLACKPINK member Rose went ahead and complimented Wendy on her new style.


IZ*ONE‘s Lee Chaeyeon also commented on her beautiful hair to Choi Yena while watching Red Velvet’s performance.


In fact, Wendy’s hair has been getting so much attention that there were 4 keywords related to Wendy’s hair on one of the most used Korean search engines!


Lucky for those who have fallen in love, Wendy’s hair stylist gave some more information about the hairstyle and tips on how to achieve it.


She first revealed that the cut’s name was “sharming cut”, which is a combination of the layered hairstyle “shag cut” and the word “charming.”


She explained that the layers of the hair cut disperse one’s gaze and therefore, it is good for those who have high cheekbones or a long face.


She also indicated that the layers make it easy to achieve the look. All you have to do is dry the roots and add some volume with a light product.

An amazing style that’s easy to achieve. Can it get any better?

Source: Dispatch

Red Velvet

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