Refund Sisters To Actually Provide Refunds To Fans Who Purchase Their Album

No other group has done this!

Refund Sisters, a group put together for Hangout With Yoo, consists of Lee Hyori, Jessi, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa and Uhm Junghwa. The foursome got together under the direction of Jimmy Yoo, MC Yoo Jae Suk‘s alter-ego. Their explosive debut track, “Don’t Touch Me”, made a splash with combative lyrics and a fierce concept.

| Hangout With Yoo

As part of their “refund” concept, they’ve set up a unique event for fans! As the Refund Sisters are simply a project group, they are only taking pre-orders for physical copies of their debut album. The album is set to be a vinyl LP, and will be open for orders for a week long.

| 11st

A lucky 100 fans will be picked by random to receive a full refund. The LP sells for ₩19,900 KRW ($17.40 USD). Even if the fan is set to receive the refund, they get to keep the album for free. A total win!

Fans are finding the situation hilarious, with many commenting on how fresh the idea is! Some are even calling it a “forced refund”.

| theqoo
  • “They’re living up to their name.”
  • “An event where you can meet them to get the refund would’ve been good.”
  • “An unwanted refund.”
  • “Such a fresh idea.”
  • “No one asked but we’re getting a forced refund.”

We wonder who the lucky fans will be! Catch the Refund Sisters’ live stage for “Don’t Touch Me” below.

Source: theqoo