Remember That BTS Universe Drama? It Has Finally Started Production, Here’s All The Details

It’s finally coming to life.

The drama based on the BTS Universe now has a name — Blue Sky, and here are all the new details for it.

According to an exclusive report from Ilgan Sports, Blue Sky (푸른 하늘, also translated as Blue Heaven) has finally started full-scale production. Chorokbaem Media has taken the first steps towards production such as auditioning the cast members and meeting with the directors and productio team. Chorokbaem Media has also confirmed the production has started.

It is true that we have taken the first steps in production with the auditioning of the main and supporting roles. However, nothing has been set yet with future scheduling.

— Chorokbaem Media

While the drama was revealed late in 2019, few details were known about it besides the theme, which is the BTS Universe, and the writer, Kim Soo Jin, who helped write Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo. The PD for the show has now also been revealed to be Kim Hae Jong, who directed JTBC’s early hit dramas such as Blooded Palace: The War of FlowersYour Neighbor’s Wife, and Beloved Eun-dong.

The story of the drama will combine the BTS members schooling days to their debut days. The basis will be BTS’s story, but some details may be modified. For example, some fictitious details will be added to the image of the members and to their experiences at school. The characters will not be named like the BTS members’ real names, and it is still unknown whether viewers will be immediately made aware of which character matches which BTS member.

Blue Sky is currently holding auditions for the main roles. Actors generally are given a synopsis of the drama which contains basic relevant information, but Blue Sky is giving auditioning actors the script at the audition itself to prevent any leaks. Filming for the drama is expected to begin in September, following the script reading and conclusion of the major auditions.

If the timing of the drama works as planned, the drama is expected to air in 2021, as it is unlikely production will be complete within 2020. They are discussing various broadcast methods, but it is more likely that the drama is aired on an Over The Top method, such as Netflix, rather than on television.

Source: Ilgan Sports and Sports Donga