Sulli, Our Forever Angel — Fans Remember The Beautiful Star On Her Second Anniversary Of Passing

She was too pure for the world.

f(x)‘s Sulli sadly passed away on October 14, 2019. For her 2nd death anniversary, fans from all over the world expressed their emotions of love and sadness through the simple hashtag, #RememberingSulli.

Sulli was a complete angel to friends and family alike. She was also the absolute pillar of support and inspiration for many fans. Due to her braveness in not conforming to societal standards, she set the ground for many other women, inspiring others to step up strong and fight for what they believed in.

Sulli is often perceived as a pioneer for feminism in South Korea. Despite South Korea’s negative view on radical feminism, Sulli was the icon of staying true to herself, in spite of her job as a female idol.

Fans wish her nothing but the best wherever she is. Despite her pain on earth, it is a comfort to believe that she is happier in the clouds.

The best girl ever, she loved caring for people close to her.

Her gorgeous smile and heart were one of her best assets, for they brought so much joy to the world.

We sincerely hope that wherever she is, she will be happy and safe. Perhaps, she was reborn as a small but strong flower, just as her name reads.

Sulli debuted as a child actress in 2005 before debuting as a K-Pop idol with the group f(x). She eventually went solo and returned to her acting roots, featuring in Hotel Del Luna even. She did not forget her fans that wanted to hear her sing once more and released the melodious track that is “Goblin”.

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