Renowned Korean Choreographer Is Spat On While Filming In America — Male Idol Comes To Protect Her Instantly

It angered netizens.

Netizens are furious after a popular Korean choreographer was spat on while in America.

A new show called DNAcers is being aired on tvN and stars a wide range of celebrities, with choreographers AikiLip JRi.hey, and HARIMU alongside K-Pop idols Sandara Park, HIGHLIGHT‘s Gikwang, and AB6IX‘s Daehwi.


During a recent episode, the group was in Las Vegas, and while they were gathered, Ri.hey was seen at the center of the shot as someone was heard saying, “Get out of my state.”

Ri.hey was surprisingly shocked when the bystander then spat at her, and Daehwi quickly came to pull the choreographer back while saying, “Excuse me?”

Fellow choreographer Lip J also took a stand for Ri.hey by saying, “What’s up with you?” before everyone started to check to see if she was okay.

When the clip was shared, it caught the attention of fans. Although many were angry at what Ri.hey had to go through, many praised Daehwi for his quick actions along with the others there, including choreographer Lip J.

It wasn’t surprising that the stars were shocked, and netizens couldn’t help but be grateful that it wasn’t much worse and that Daehwi and Lip J were there as moral support.

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