“Reply 1988” Actor Choi Sung Won Hospitalized After Recurrence Of Cancer

We are hoping for his recovery soon.

Actor Choi Sung Won, who made his name known as Sung Noeul in Reply 1988, is currently hospitalized after a recurrence of leukemia.

According to an exclusive report from News1, Choi Sung Won recently was hospitalized as his leukemia has recurred. Choi Sung Won was diagnosed with acute leukemia in May 2016, and announced he was fully cancer-free in July 2017, but unfortunately, the cancer has now returned four years after his initial diagnosis.

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A fellow actor, Joo Min Jin, also shared the news of Choi Sung Won’s recurrence of leukemia, begging Koreans for a suitable donor to provide a platelet transfusion for Choi Sung Won.

I am sorry for tweeting this during the time of the Coronavirus.

My friend is in a very urgent situation where a platelet donor and transfusion is required. He is blood type AB+.

It is the same method as a normal blood donation, if you are able to donate, please inquire first before visiting a donation center.

After you are designated as a blood donor, the blood will be collected.

The person receiving the blood is at The Catholic University of Korea Eunpyeong St. Mary’s Hospital.

Ward 151, Room 106 Choi Min Woo (Choi Sung Won).

Patient No. 2134674

— Joo Min Jin

Is there anyone who is able to help with AB+ blood?

If there is, I would appreciate it if you could DM me first, rather than donate right away.

It is because we don’t need too much of it at one time.

I would appreciate it if everyone continues to give this attention.

I’m very sorry to be posting this, thank you all for your attention. I will repay everyone for their interest and help.

— Joo Min Jin

Choi Sung Won made his debut as a musical actor in 2007, and transitioned into acting in 2010 with successful roles in Qualifications of Men and Reply 1988. Since then, he has continue to star in dramas, notably in Big Issue and Psychopath Diary as well as continuing his musical career.

Source: News1
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