Reporter Claims Seungri Threatened A JYP Entertainment Employee With Gang Members And Calls Out J.Y. Park’s Involvement

He claims J.Y. Park looked the other way when this happened.

Reporter Kim Yong Ho, who is part of the Garo Sero Institute YouTube channel, claimed that Seungri threatened a JYP Entertainment employee with a gang member.

| Yonhap News

Earlier in the week, Seungri was charged with using gang members to threaten a person who mistakenly entered Seungri’s party’s room at a club they were drinking at. Reported Kim Yong Ho followed up the news stating that the person that was threatened by Seungri and Yoo In Suk was a JYP Entertainment employee.

The person that was threatened wasn’t just any normal person, their identity was a JYP Entertainment employee.

— Kim Yong Ho

Kim Yong Ho further explained why JYP Entertainment employees were at the same location as Seungri, Yoo In Suk, and his friends.

On the day the incident happened, there was a party at the bar. Many individuals in the entertainment industry were present at the party and drinking. The JYP Entertainment employee entered the wrong room, and that was the room Seungri’s group was in.

— Kim Yong Ho

The reporter also claimed Yang Hyun Suk at least knew about the situation, with Yang Hyun Suk stating that the JYP Entertainment employee was at fault for starting the incident.

According to Yang Hyun Suk, Seungri was nearly hit by the JYP Entertainment employee. The JYP Entertainment employee is on the larger and more muscular side, and comparing him to Seungri, Seungri looked small and weak, so he laughed at him for it. Seungri may have taken it as the JYP Entertainment employee looking down on him.

In response, while Seungri may look smaller, he may have wanted to show how he has stronger people behind him, so he then sent the text messages to call on the gang members.

— Kim Yong Ho

It was also revealed that this entire incident and the related additional charge to Seungri and Yoo In Suk came about due to a further investigation into Yoo In Suk’s KakaoTalk messages, which revealed the situation.

Finally, Kim Yong Ho revealed that J.Y. Park (Park Jin Young) knew about the entire situation, but fired the employee due to his relationship with YG Entertainment at the time.

You know, both YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment are really big entertainment companies. But at the time, J.Y. Park was flattering Yang Hyun Suk, you know at that time, they were both working together on K-Pop Star. Yang Hyun Suk was really big at that time, so J.Y. Park fired the employee that was involved in the incident.

— Kim Yong Ho

Kim Yong Ho ends the segment by saying he personally met with the former JYP Entertainment employee that was fired, which is where he gathered some of his information.

Watch the whole segment below, starting at 33:44: