News Reporter Claims G-Dragon Made A Discreet Comment About Seungri Through Instagram

He was heavily criticized by the netizens.

G-Dragon had updated his Instagram for the first time in a long time with photos from his previous concert series.


However, a Korean news reporter claimed that G-Dragon had written a secret message to Seungri in the post.


The reporter was referring to the phrase “sweet taste of victory” in his last image. As Seungri means “victory” in Korean, the reporter claimed it could be a discreet reference to his former bandmate Seungri, who is currently under investigation for multiple charges.


Korean netizens and fans began to criticize the reporter for their farfetched claim, explaining that the message from Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s letter to his lover that he wrote back in 1988.

G-Dragon had also referred to it during his concert series before his enlistment.

“Hey you ignorant reporter who doesn’t know anything. That letter was written by Felix Gonzalez-Torres for his lover Laycock back in 1988… Your interpretation is wrong… How dare you bring a translation you got off Google translation as an interpretation ㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋ Aren’t you even embarrassed? If you’re going to get paid for your job, at least do it right. Why are you writing fiction when you’re a reporter? Get your head together!”

“Hey reporter, just write that you miss GD. Instead of writing malicious reports.”

“Now that GD’s almost discharged from the military, the media and reporter trash are trying to cause a fitㅋㅋㅋ”

“That capture image. It was a scene from G-Dragon’s tour DVD from 2 years ago. It was a monologue that he wrote for himself when he was very lonely and tired from working towards one goal. He was telling himself, the world continues to turn well without you. You should just live your life. When Kwon Jiyoung’s collection of paintings came up, many claimed he was taking a lot of anti-depression medication and that his condition was really bad.

That video was from 2 years ago when G-Dragon was talking about consoling himself when he was worn out. How could you interpret that into something so negative? That’s so inhumane of you.”

“You ignorant reporter~~”

“Hey reporter, please do some studying.. You’re so embarrassing..”

— K-Netizens


G-Dragon is set to finish his military duties and be officially discharged on October 26th.

Source: Spotv News