Even Reporters Are Down Bad For BTS’s J-Hope At The Airport

One had a major fanboy moment!

BTSβ€˜s J-Hope recently departed for an overseas schedule at Incheon Airport on February 19 (KST).

BTS’s J-Hope

At the airport, he cutely thanked a reporter who wished him a happy birthday. J-Hope celebrated his 29th birthday on February 18.

Now, J-Hope has returned to South Korea, and once again, he has reporters whipped for him!

Videos from J-Hope’s arrival have circulated, and an offscreen reporter can be heard saying, “My love Hobi.” Hobi is an affectionate nickname for J-Hope, so the reporter’s usage proves they are ARMY.

Another clip shows J-Hope sweetly greeting the reporter when they call him “Hobi.” It’s easy to see why everyone, not only ARMYs, love J-Hope!


everybody loves hoseok and the way he always talk to them and acknowledge them, he’s so humble 🫢 #jhope #hoseok #hobi #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ Arson – j-hope

It’s impossible not to love him.