Tao Has Defeated SM Entertainment In Lawsuit Battle

On December 14th, multiple Chinese media reported that Tao has won his lawsuit against SM Entertainment.

SM Entertainment immediately denied the reports revealing, “The reported lawsuit is one of many that’s still ongoing in China. We plan to counter this with the claim that one of the clauses were not taken into consideration properly. This also has no effect on the other lawsuits in process within Korea and the legal battle is very much still in process.”

From the statement, it seems as though Tao has won the lawsuit but SM Entertainment will be appealing the case. This is normal in most lawsuits of this size and most likely the courts will hear SM Entertainment’s appeal.

Tao has only defeated SM Entertainment in China, he still has multiple lawsuits against him in South Korea.

Tao left EXO and SM Entertainment in April of 2015 and officially filed a lawsuit to nullify his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment in August 2015.

Tao leaving SM Entertainment was first brought to light when his father posted an emotional letter revealing his intention to bring Tao back home.

SM Entertainment has previously revealed that they won one of many lawsuits against Tao in January of 2016.

Source: TV Report