Reports speculate on Wonder Girls’ comeback album release date

With confirmation that Wonder Girls will finally be making a comeback after three years since their last album, a speculated release date has been reported.

According to a music distribution source, the release date for Wonder Girls’ comeback album has already been set for August 3rd.

JYP Entertainment just recently confirmed that not only would Wonder Girls be making a return, the remaining active members would be rejoined by original member Sunmi and make a comeback as not a dance group but as a four-piece band with Ye Eun takes on the keyboard, Sunmi on the bass, Yoobin on the drums, and Hyelim on the guitar.

Known for their dance hit tracks such as “Tell Me,” “So Hot,” “Nobody,” “Like This,” and more, the change from a dance group to a band has undoubtedly shocked many fans.

However, their agency revealed that they have been hard at work practicing their individual instruments to prepare for their three-year return and have promised that the group’s efforts will be shown through their stages.

Look out for a brand new Wonder Girls this August!

Source: TV Report

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