Reports State SM Entertainment’s New Girl Group Is Debuting Soon With 4 Members

Here’s the likely line-up and when to expect their debut.

According to reports from Korean news outlet TechM, SM Entertainment’s new girl is coming soon—with just four members. Here’s the likely line-up and when to expect their debut.

In an article released on August 15, Korean news publication TechM outlined some of the near-future plans for the biggest agencies in Korea, from JYP Entertainment to Big Hit Entertainment. But one of the most interesting announcements was that of SM Entertainment‘s new girl group.

This will be SM Entertainment’s first girl group debut since Red Velvet in 2014, six years ago.

It’s been several months since the company announced that they planned to debut a new girl group this year, but since then, fans have heard little other than rumors. Now, TechM reports that the group will be debuting after the release of labelmate SuperM‘s first studio album, Super One.

Super One is set for release on September 25, 2020. As such, fans can expect the possibility of a new girl group debut sometime between October and December this year. But who will be in it?

Actual members not pictured. | MariShe

TechM also stated that the new girl group would have just four members. This number is a far cry from most of the rumors that have surrounded the group recently, most of which have suggested the new girl group would be large, with 9 or more members.

Just six months ago, two of the longest-standing and best-known SM Rookies members left the company. Koeun (real name Ko Eun) and Lami (real name Kim Sungkyung) haven’t been part of SM Entertainment since February 2020. Had they debuted, Koeun was expected to be the group’s leader and one of the vocalists, while Lami was expected to become the maknae and visual.

Koeun (left) and Lami (right)

And they’re not the first members to leave before the group’s debut. England-born Herin left in 2017 and is now a YouTube vlogger, while Yiyang left in 2018 to become a singer in China. Thankfully, there are still some SM Rookies girls left.


Given that rookies Hina and Ningning are still believed to be under SM Entertainment, there’s a high chance they’ll be part of the new group’s lineup.

Hina (left) and Ningning (right)

Hina (real name Nakamura Hina) is a 20-year-old trainee from Japan. Currently the oldest-known female trainee at SM Entertainment, Hina has been part of SM Rookies for 5 years and is expected to be in the group’s dance line. If she debuts in the new girl group, she’ll be SM Entertainment’s first female Japanese idol and second Japanese idol in the company overall.

Ningning (real name Nin Yizhuo) is an 18-year-old trainee from China. Part of SM Rookies for almost 4 years, she’s expected to be part of the group’s vocal line.

As for the other two members, TechM reports that the group will include Japanese, Chinese, and Korean artists. As such, it’s likely that the two remaining members are Korean. The only known female Korean trainee who is still believed to be signed to SM Entertainment is 20-year-old former ulzzang Yoo Jimin, who participated in SHINee Taemin‘s “Want” comeback in 2019. Yoo Jimin was never introduced under SM Rookies.

If reports of the group’s upcoming debut date are true, fans can expect to see a confirmed lineup within the next few months.

Source: TechM