BLACKPINK Lisa’s Reported Multi-Million Dollar Purchase In Beverly Hills Becomes A Hot Topic

Netizens were in awe!

BLACKPINK Lisa‘s reported multi-million dollar purchase in LA has become a hot topic.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Lisa has always impressed netizens with her “flex” purchases after years of working hard. Recently, the idol even did a house tour and showed off her exclusive car.

On April 17 (KST), it was reported in the New York publication Mansion Global that Lisa had seemingly bought a beautiful home in Beverly Hills for $3.95 million.

In the article, the publication and the person who listed the building shared some of the features of the house.

  • It’s a brand-new renovation, but it has an old-world feel.
  • Even though it is over 1.3 acres, it’s “quite private because of the enormous lot. It’s surrounded by hills and views.”
  • During renovations, House of Rolison incorporated the home’s original design elements, including iron sconces, a river rock fireplace, a plaster fireplace, multiple decks, and a pathway up the hillside, into the design.
  • The house has four bedrooms, a clay tile roof, stone flooring, and vaulted wood ceilings.
  • It is located in the hills of Coldwater Canyon, a peninsula that runs alongside the Santa Monica Mountains.

While looking into the news, netizens found photos of what they though Lisa’s house could look like.

| theqoo
| theqoo
| theqoo
| theqoo

Although the purchase has not been confirmed, when netizens heard about the possibility of Lisa buying a multi-million dollar mansion, they couldn’t hide their pride and how the idol was flexing. In particular, considering the signs that point to LLOUD being based in America, it makes sense for Lisa to have a place she can call home away from home.

While nothing is confirmed, the house and details seem like somewhere netizens could imagine Lisa living, and the idol deserves the best in life.

Source: mansionglobal and theqoo


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