Respect: Korean Netizens Are Praising Brazilian Football Legend Thiago Silva — Here’s What Happened

Korea and Brazil will face off on December 6.

Korean netizens are praising Brazilian football legend, Thiago Silva, for what he said about Korea’s National Football Team ahead of their matchup in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Thiago Silva | FIFA

Brazilian’s Thiago Silva spoke at a press conference ahead of Brazil’s match against Korea in the World Cup’s round of 16. As Brazil is considered a heavy favorite in the match, many are expecting Brazil to win easily against the South Korean side, but Thiago Silva expressed his respect for the Korean team.

During the press conference, Thiago Silva was asked about playing South Korea. One of the game’s greatest Centre-Backs, Thiago Silva, stated that he was well aware of the quality Korea’s National Team plays with.

I know that they play at a very high level. Son (Son Heung Min) plays in London with me. Playing against them will be very difficult. First of all, their midfielders have an incredible passing ability, and we (Brazil) are well aware of this. Not only this, but they have a strong defensive team as well.

— Thiago Silva

The Brazilian defender then pointed to Korea’s drama-filled goal against Portugal as an example of the team’s skill.

They are very good at countering. Just look at their second goal against Portugal. That goal was honestly made single-handedly by Son Heung Min. A player (Hwang Hee Chan) who was further behind raced forward and created space to score. This is a dangerous team. They are a technically sound team.

— Thiago Silva

Thiago Silva then finished his statement, but not before expressing his respect for the team and stating that the Brazilian team would play their best to defeat Korea.

Although we are all able to play against Korea, that doesn’t mean we are guaranteed to win. You can’t think the (upcoming) game will be as easy as the friendly we played them (In June). Korea was in a very difficult group (at the World Cup) but played well enough to advance into the round of 16. We shouldn’t underestimate them. We will do our best in tomorrow’s game.

— Thiago Silva

Korean netizens were touched by Thiago Silva’s respect for the Korean National Team. Many praised the football legend for his kind words.

  • “So this is what it means to be World Class. He’s humble and well-mannered. His words are so pretty.”
  • “His words are so pretty… Let’s do our best in (tomorrow’s) game without anyone getting injured.”
  • “He speaks so well, and it’s good to see his respect for his opponent. Please go easy on us tomorrow, LOL.”
  • “But… On the inside, please underestimate us…”
  • “The fact that he apologizes for not being able to say all the players’ names… He showed his class with his first few words.”
  • “Wow, he’s so well-mannered and humble. His demeanor is fit for the world’s strongest team. He’s so cool.”

Thiago Silva is considered one of football’s greatest defenders of all time. The player is renowned for both his skill and leadership on and off the pitch. Thiago Silva has played for some of the greatest clubs in football, having played for AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, and Chelsea, where he is playing today.

Korea’s National Team takes on perennial World Cup favorites Brazil in the tournament’s round of 16 on December 6. The winner of the match will advance to the round of 8, where they will take on the winner of Japan’s match against Croatia.


Source: theqoo
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