Restaurant Worker “Exposes” Popular Actor For Their “Celebrity Disease”

She talked about her bitter experience.

In the Korean entertainment industry, the phrase “Celebrity Disease” usually refers to celebrities becoming snobbish or losing touch with reality after becoming famous and successful. Recently, a restaurant worker talked about her first-hand experience with this phenomenon on a popular YouTube channel.

On February 2, the YouTube channel Workman posted a video showing TV personality and comedian Jang Sung Kyu try working at a fine dining restaurant. The manager at the establishment was helping the MC learn the tricks of the trade, and the two got to talking about her personal experiences of working at such an elite place.

When Jang asked the manager if they ever receive ill-behaved customers, she responded that they deal with those kinds of people way too much. Many customers cause issues after getting drunk, including defecating toilets or even sexually harassing others.

Curious, the MC asked if the restaurant also sees many celebrity clients. In response, the manager recalled her unpleasant experience with a popular actor. She talked about an incident where this actor’s manager had called to make a reservation, saying, “Actor OOO is coming…Make sure you save them a reservation no matter what.” However, the request had to be turned down since the restaurant was at full capacity for the day.

Instead of accepting the rejection of the reservation, the actor decided to call the manager in person. On the call, they announced their name, saying, “I told you I’m actor OOO!” expecting to be given special treatment.

The story of this actor’s arrogant behavior left even Jang Sung Kyu visibly taken aback. It seems to have hit a nerve with netizens as well, given that they were so eagerly speculating about this actor’s identity that keywords related to this story started trending on real-time entertainment search engines in Korea.