Here’s “The Return Of Superman” Bentley Hammington Getting Bias Wrecked By BTS’s Jungkook

His head knows his bias is V, but his heart is saying something else.

The Return of Superman fans know; William and Bentley Hammington — comedian Sam Hammington‘s two beloved sons — really adore the BTS hyungs and are huge ARMYs-in-the-making.

Bentley (left) and William Hammington (right). | @samhammington/Instagram

And in the latest episode, the younger Bentley Hammington revealed that his ultimate bias is the one and only V hyung!

Yet later in the same episode, Bentley was spotted getting 200% bias wrecked by none other than a fellow maknae, Jungkook.

BTS’s V (left) and Jungkook (right) | Weverse

When the Hammingtons visited a restaurant where BTS members used to dine as trainees…

… Bentley grew ecstatic to see the member pictures all over the place. He immediately recognized a face…

Who is this? This is Jungkook.

— Bentley Hammington

… and began pointing out all the Jungkooks in the restaurant.

It seemed as though Bentley and Jungkook were really making a connection…

… until the restaurant owner pointed out the table where the members used to sit. Bentley then snapped right back to reality and sat in V’s favorite seat!

ARMYs can’t stop laughing at Bentley getting bias wrecked by Jungkook though…

… because who hasn’t been there before, right? 😂

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Watch the full clip here:

Source: theqoo