“The Return Of Superman” Pays Tribute To ASTRO’s Moonbin On The One Month Anniversary Of His Passing

Moonbin appeared on the show earlier this year.

On April 19, it was reported and later confirmed by Fantagio that ASTRO‘s Moonbin had passed away.

ASTRO’s Moonbin

On April 19, ASTRO member Moonbin suddenly left us to become a star in the sky.

Although we cannot compare our sorrow to to the grief that the bereaved families is feeling, losing a beloved son and brother, the ASTRO members, fellow Fantagio artists, company executives, and employees are mouring the deceased in great sadness and shock.

โ€” Fantagio

Fans of K-Pop came together to celebrate the life of the talented idol, holding vigils around the world.

AROHAs Around The World Host Memorials To Honor ASTRO’s Moonbin

May 19 marks one month since his passing, and fans have spent time remembering Moonbin on social media.

The television program Superman Returnsย also honored Moonbin in its latest content. Moonbin and Sanha appeared on the show earlier this year when they went to a strawberry field withย one of the children.

| The Return Of Superman

Moonhin and Sanha are given a corner to explain moments from their episode. A message from the show’s team is shown at the end of the video portion.


When the dandelion flower seeds flutter every year, saying that spring has come, we will remember Moonbin. May he rest in peace.

This message references Moonbin’s most recent social media post, where he expressed excitement over a dandelion.

Dandelions are a flower that can thrive under challenging conditions and can be seen as a sign of springโ€™s arrival after the harsh winter. Moonbin reflected on this in a follow-up tweet, telling the flower to gently visit โ€œthose dearest to himโ€ and announce that spring was here.

Go tell those dearest to me
that spring is here.
Tickle them softly.

โ€” Moonbin

You can watch the clip starting at 15:12 below.


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