AROHAs Around The World Host Memorials To Honor ASTRO’s Moonbin

AROHAs pay tribute to ASTRO’s Moonbin.

Following the tragic and untimely passing of ASTRO‘s Moonbin on April 19, 2023, friends, fans, and the K-Pop industry are remembering the talented, kind, and bright young star.

ASTRO’s Moonbin

Moonbin’s friends and industry peers continue to post tributes, photos, memories, and condolences in the days following his passing.

Fantagio, ASTRO’s company, has asked for privacy and understanding as Moonbin’s family, friends, and colleagues mourn their loss. His funeral proceedings were held privately on April 22 in an undisclosed location to give his friends and family space during this unimaginably difficult time.

| @moon_ko_ng/Instagram

According to the wishes of the bereaved families, the funeral will be held as quietly as possible with the family members and company colleagues.

— Fantagio

AROHAs in Korea found a special way to honor ASTRO’s Moonbin and set up a memorial in front of the Fantagio building, showering the front of the building with an endless amount of flowers and messages for Moonbin.

| @2003_0127_/Twitter
| @2003_0127_/Twitter

The memorial space grew throughout the day, expanding to a parking area across the street from the company building.

Notes were placed on the company’s doors, and letters, photos, and some of Moonbin’s favorite drinks and snacks were thoughtfully left at the memorial site as well.

| @lunaandhelios/Twitter
| @sanhasduckling/Twitter

International fans have created beautiful memorials across the globe as they remember and honor ASTRO’s Moonbin.

Flowers, letters, and photos were placed at a memorial in London, England.

Fans in Dallas, Texas, set up a place where fans can leave messages for Moonbin and will hold a moment of silence for him at 7 PM local time.

In front of Denmark’s Korean embassy, AROHAs left balloons, flowers, messages, and photos of Moonbin.

AROHAs in LA also left flowers, photos, and messages. Kind fans also left one of Moonbin’s favorite drinks, Nesquick.

Multiple memorial sites were erected in the Philippines, and a memorial Mass was held in his honor.

In Adelaide, Australia, AROHAs honored Moonbin with a memorial wall.

In Macau, AROHAs gathered for a memorial at the venue where ASTRO Moonbin & Sanha’s April 22 fan concert was meant to take place.

Additional memorials continue to take place worldwide as AROHAs gather to love and pay respect to Moonbin in a beautiful and touching way.

Fellow celebrities continue to pay their respects as well; see some of the tributes below.

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