“The Return Of Superman” William Adorably Explains Why He Wants To Be Just Like BTS’s RM

RM is William’s idol!

William Hammington of KBS‘s The Return of Superman has fallen for BTS‘s RM.

| @williamhammington/Instagram

In a recent post shared on William’s Instagram account, William made the confession that he wants to be just like RM in a video clip, captioned as “I’m obsessed with BTS.

| @williamhammington/Instagram

But he called out the name of RM in particular and even expressed his desire to change his hair color to look like him.

I want to change my hair to look like you, RM Hyung. I want to make it blue.

— William

And when his father, Sam Hammington asked why, William graciously explained.

Because… he’s cool.

— RM

| @williamhammington/Instagram

Ahead of this revelation, William expressed his love for BTS multiple times on both social media and broadcasts.

| @williamhammington/Instagram

In a post uploaded earlier this month, William was shown singing along to “Dynamite”, which drew the attention of many netizens.

But this time, he expressed his particular affection for RM, and fans are here for it.

  • Our William can do anything he wants.
  • Aw, I see William has fallen for BTS, too.
  • I can’t blame his stanning.

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