Rihanna Openly Expresses Her Longstanding Friendship With CL With This Heartwarming Instagram DM

Two Queens.

CL and Rihanna are not just powerful women and global superstars.

They also happen to be friendship goals!

Fans went into a frenzy in 2013, when Rihanna followed CL on Instagram. She was also spotted liking several pictures of CL, showing her fondness for the “Baddest Female.”

And ever since then, the two have remained good friends.

In 2016, the pair were friendship goals when Rihanna spoiled CL with a fantastic gift.

It is clear that CL is one of the “flyest” women that Rihanna has had the honor of meeting.

And Rihanna is such a terrific unnie to CL, that Dara might have some competition!

Although the two have kept their relationship on the down-low for years, that doesn’t mean they have stopped being friends.

CL posted a heartwarming screenshot to her Instagram story recently, showing that their friendship is as strong as ever.

Rihanna was recently in Seoul, promoting her makeup brand Fenty Beauty.

Unfortunately, CL was unable to make it due to conflicting schedules.

Rihanna expressed her regret that she wasn’t able to meet CL, even sending her a direct message on Instagram!

Rihanna expressed that she wished she and CL could have had a reunion, but also stated her hope that she will be back in Seoul.

CL captioned the Instagram story with a sweet message, asking Rihanna unnie to come back to Seoul as soon as possible.

It’s heartwarming to see such a powerful friendship persist for many years!