Rihanna’s Superbowl Performance Is Going Viral Among ARMYs For A Hilarious Reason

The most unserious people on the internet🤣

Global popstar Rihanna just made a royal comeback as a musician with her showstopping Superbowl halftime performance and the internet is ablaze with praises.

| Rolling Stone

Rihanna performed a 13-minute long set, singing a medley of some of her all-time hits. The performance constituted many iconic moments such as, her kicking it off with a pregnancy reveal,

to her doing entire dance routines while suspended in the air on a platform,

to giving a subtle shoutout to Fenty Beauty mid-performance.

While netizens can’t get enough of her comeback, the performance has gone viral on ARMY Twitter for entirely different reasons.

There is a common phenomenon in the BTS fandom where once you become an ARMY, you start to see the septet in literally everything. Rihanna’s Superbowl halftime show was no exception either. When the singer started hitting the choreo while singing “All Of The Lights,” all ARMYs could see was the hook step of “Run BTS.” And before you know it, edits of Rihanna doing the “Run BTS” challenge were all over Twitter!

That’s not all. The outfit of Rihanna’s dance crew also rang some bells for ARMYs, who, for the record, are currently struggling with not having BTS’s oldest member Jin around. It was only a matter of time before the white puffer jacket and hood that the dancers were wearing reminded them of “The Astronaut” and Wootteo.

This might not be the RiRi X BTS crumbs we wanted, but it’s definitely the one we needed to get a day closer to 2025.